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The Farm at Cochranville

Improving our grazing genetics and naturally raising livestock since 2014

Here at The Farm at Cochranville, a local Chester County first-generation farm, we raise our livestock 100% naturally to provide delicious and healthy products to the Greater Philadelphia area. Along with our livestock products, we also raise 100% purebred South Poll seed stock. We pride ourselves on using regenerative and natural practices to raise our livestock. These practices are not only beneficial to our environment and animals, but also to our health. Explore more about the Farm by pressing the options below!

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On the Farm, we humanely and naturally raise local...

hormone-free, chemical-free, and GMO-free

What do we raise on the farm?

100% Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb

100% Pasture Raised Chicken 

100% Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

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Our Purpose of Stewardship

Though we do raise livestock, most importanly, we are stewards of the land.

Here at the Farm, we care deeply for raising our livestock naturally and humanely. The health of a farm's land is vital for the livestock to be raised naturally. Since the purchase of the farm, we have been greatly improving the health of our soil, grass, and organic matter using chemical-free natural agricultural practices. Though we are livestock farmers, our real title is land stewards. Here at the Farm, we strive to make every acre an abundant biodiverse ecosystem.

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